About Coaching


What is coaching?

Coaching is a self-discovery process that connects people to their inner wisdom, allowing them to resurrect again strengthened, confident and determined to fulfill their mission, no matter what obstacles they are facing

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What do coaches do?

Using scientifically proven tools and techniques, coaches:

  • Build a trustful space for their clients to talk
  • Listen attentively
  • Ask powerful questions, allowing their clients to dig deeper into themselves
  • Create a safe space for their clients to connect to their inner wisdom.
  • Work with their clients to design an action plan and measurable objectives
  • Hold their clients accountable for their action plans
  • Follow up with their clients on their achievements

Help their clients assess their progress and adjust when necessary

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What’s the payoff?

The outcome of coaching can be crystallized in two simple but powerful words: Happiness and Success. Clients gain in inner peace and in outer achievements.

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What is a niche?

Niches are just specific areas of expertise in which coaches choose to specialize, in view of their knowledge, skills and experience.