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Because we believe in our mission to help people change, thrive, and become themselves a force of change and inspiration for all those they come in touch with…

Because we believe IT IS JUST THAT OR NOTHING

We offer, for the first time in the coaching world, a 100% refundable registration in our ICF accredited coaching program.
You can simply attend all the modules, complete the program, master the coaching skills, and then ask for a refund in case of dissatisfaction without having to explain anything or give reasons.

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Early bird discount: 50% OFF till 11 Dec 2020

Why Becoming A Coach


Competencies & Skills


Tools and techniques


Powerful impact on clients






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Become a certified coach by enrolling in Excellentia Certified Coach program

1st Cohort Graduation Ceremony

“Coaching is a service. We serve our clients and have their well-being as the higher priority.”

– Michael J. Marx

Why Excellentia Certified Coach Program (ECCP)?


Learn from international coaches


Belong to a Community

(Get your 100 ACC hours while still studying)


100% Live and interactive online courses. Enjoy flexibility.


Program available in different languages

(English, French and Arabic)


20 extra Coachpreneur hours to take off your business

Our ECCP is more than a coaching program...

1. Master the ICF coaching Competencies

First, you’ll study the foundations of coaching ICF frameworks and methodologies. This accredited program gives students the exact training they need in order to excel at the CKA.

2. Grow your Coaching Business

Next, dive into everything you need to know to build a coaching business. You’ll learn how to find your USP, your client avatar, how to get paying clients and so much more.


Excellentia International Institute has been accredited by the International Coach Federation since 2019.

Program Structure

60-course hours

see modules here

10-mentoring hours

20-coachpreneur program hours

Learn more here

Frequently Asked Questions

The program lasts from four and a half months to six months, based on the student’s own learning pace and attendance.

The student will have to attend 2 sessions weekly, each lasts one hour and a half.

Yes, the program includes 10 hours of the mentoring after finishing all the coaching sessions.

Yes, the ECCP is available in English, French and Arabic. Other languages are being added based on demand.

Yes, the students will have access to our private online forum, where they can share ideas and experiences, ask questions, and interact with their fellow students and coaches as well.

No, for two reasons. First, it is mandatory for the students to attend the sessions live to finish all the program requirements. Second, the coaching sessions are a safe space for students to share whatever they want, so recording them would breach their privacy and trust. If the student misses a session, he or she can recover it later on. 

Yes, refunds are guaranteed before finishing 3 sessions.

The evaluation is a two-stage process. The oral evaluation will require the student to record a half an hour coaching session, along with the peer coaching. The written evaluation is represented by a 2 hours online exam taken at the end of the program.

Now that the student is a certified coach by an ICF accredited organization, they can start having their own coaching sessions, whether paid or for free. The students must finish 100 hours of coaching to become ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Once you are Excellentia International Institute student, you become a member of Excellentia Community, which will give you the opportunity to network and practice your coaching skills. Moreover, you will benefit from a one-month free membership that will help you kick off your career.

The student will have to pay the discounted price of 2450$. One of our values is to set a convenient price level for those who share the same values and interests as our organization and who are eager to continuously learn and grow.

The students can transfer money, pay through check or credit card.

Yes, payment is at your convenience. However, you can only sit for the final exam once you paid the whole amount.

Our ECCP is more than a coaching program. We help you acquire the ICF coaching competencies in addition to the entrepreneurial skills you need to take off your coaching business. It is our mission to help you succeed as a coach.

Ready to become a coach?


Kais Gannouni - Tunisia
Excellentia International Institute - President & CoFounder
Kais Gannouni - Tunisia
Katherine Kolpov - Canada
Katherine Kolpov - Canada
Natasha Vascic - Dubai
Natasha Vascic - Dubai
Panagiotis Ntouskas - Greece
Panagiotis Ntouskas - Greece
Ujjal Gupta
Ujjal Gupta



Take control and get started in your coaching career with Excellentia International Institute. Grab your early bird discount of 50% off before December 11th 2020 and Don’t miss out on the discounted price of only 1750$!

We offer, for the first time in the coaching world, a 100% refundable registration in our ICF accredited coaching program.

“My best investment is the money I’ve spent developing myself, via books, workshops and coaching. Leadership begins within, and to have a better career, start by building a better you.” – Robin S. Sharma

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now to get the opportunity to become a certified coach in just 70 live hours!

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