Becoming a Coach

The philosophy behind coaching is that most people have immense ability, wisdom and intellect that are waiting to be utilized. Coaches help people to utilize these resources, identify their potentials and achieve their goals faster. Being a coach enables you to impact positively in your clients personal and professional lives.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship in which a qualified coach provides training and guidance that will help his client to achieve personal or career goal. It is a form of development process that coaches use to assist their clients to produce extraordinary results in their lives. Coaching helps to bridge the gap between where a person is now and where they want to be.

Presently, there is relatively high demand for coaching service in the corporate world. This is as a result of continuous increase in the number of stressed executives who are finding it hard to cope with their personal and professional lives. Individuals and organizations now dim it fit to hire coaches to help them with self-discovery and align them with their goals. With this, the coaching profession continues to grow and expand creating more opportunities for coaches.

Why is it important to become a coach?

Career satisfaction – There is nothing more satisfying than helping people grow and achieve their goals. As a coach you have the opportunity to impact in other people’s life, this creates a great sense of self-worth, happiness and career satisfaction.

Personal growth and development – Being a coach brings about rapid growth and development in one’s personal life. As you interact with clients you gain more experience and continue to learn at a fast pace. It further develops your ability to help others.

Freedom to live and work anywhere – Coaching gives you the freedom in travel and work options. You can engage your client over the phone or through the internet at the comfort of your home or office. It can be done on part-time which give you the opportunity to build a business while continuing other employment.

Quick entry into the coaching profession – You can become a trained and qualified coach within 6 months. And as newly trained coach, you can coach while you learn and also learn while you coach. The pace at which you learn depends on individuals.


Excellentia Certified Coach Programs (ECCP)

We at Excellentia International Institute understand the importance of time and we’ve made it easy to find and select our programs. Our programs are in different modules and they contain all you need to become a certified coach.


Module 1 (Foundation of coaching) – In this module you’ll be introduce to the concept of coaching, identifying the difference between coaching and other therapies such as mentoring, training and consulting. This module also deals with the forms of coaching and their importance. There are four sessions in this module and each session last for the duration of 1hour 30 minutes.

Module 2 – In this module, we deal with the ICF core competencies that coaches have to possess and practice. There are eleven sessions in this module that talk about setting the foundation, creating relationship with clients, effective communication and how to facilitate learning and results. Also, the duration of each session is 1hour 30 minutes.

Module 3 (Coaching Model) – This module discusses the coaching models as an essentials tool in a coach’s arsenal. The coaching models are structures that are use to coach individuals. They are organized strategies that enable efficient coaching system. We have five sessions in this module and each is 1hr 30 min long.

Module 4 (Psychometric Assessment) – In this module we look at the different standard and scientific methods that are use to assess individual’s personality, intelligence and skills. The seven sessions in this module include DISC, Wheel of life, Motivation of Stranger, Strength finders, MBTI, NLP and Emotional intelligence.

Module 5 (Coaching Specialties) – Here we talk about the different areas of coaching that you can specialize in. As a coach you can pick interest in any of the following areas; Life coaching, Business coaching, Leadership coaching, Executive coaching and Career coaching.

Note – All the sessions in each of the modules last for the duration of 1hr 30 min.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now for Certified Coach Program at Excellentia International Institute. Excellentia Certified Coach Program (ECCP) gives you the opportunity to become a certified coach in just 70 live hours.

 What make Excellentia International Institute unique?

  • Professional coaching faculty and staff
  • Certified Coaches by ICF
  • Life-changing program.
  • Flexible times
  • International Community
  • Program available in different languages (English, French and Arabic).

We are here to make your dream become true…