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You run a Certified Coaching Program, and looking for the Best way to present an impactful Value-added for your students and help them kick their coaching Careers?

Partner up with Excellentia, and provide your graduates with the best practices to Promote their coaching services and have a Powerful start.

By Promoting their services, Boosting their content and Designing their digital platforms, our accompaniment will support your graduates at the beginning of their coaching Journey and safeguard them from the obstacles they might face.

What results can you expect?

You will benefit from the following:

  • Partnership with a reputable global organization, that is accredited by the International Coach Federation  
  • Partnering with internationally recognized and ICF certified coaches 
  • Growing your coaching network which represents additional business opportunities and resources
  • Flexible growth opportunities that match your needs. 
  • Increased creativity and better collaborative thinking 

Become a Partner!

Take action and Become a Partner with Excellentia.

Four ways to partner

Visibility Increase 

Represented in mutually sharing our logos and content. This will result in promoting your business and attracting more potential customers. 

This cost-effective marketing strategy reinforces your brand as it will keep your business ‘top-of-mind’ for existing and potential customers.

Profitability Growth 

Represented in mutually selling our services, while sharing 20% of the prices. Through presenting your services in multiple touchpoints and on several platforms, you will have instant revenue increase and high sales growth. 

Event Collaboration and Co-Hosting 

Represented in co-organizing exceptional and international events together. Through sharing costs, allocating resources, and using each other’s customer knowledge to prepare the ideal guest list, you will expand your network, meet more potential customers, and boost your regular event attendance.  

Co-submitting proposals 

Submitting common proposals is a way to collaborate in multiple future projects. This will positively impact your credibility, improve your business transparency, and help you build long-term relationships with other businesses in the coaching field. 

Become a Partner!

Take action and Become a Partner with Excellentia.