Critical & Creative Thinking

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What’s that thing that makes all difference between success and failure? Decisions. Think about it….Whether someone is on track, pursuing deliberately, consistently and persistently his dreams or just dithering moving from one setback to an another, it all boils downs the depth of his thoughts and the effectiveness of his decisions.

John C. Maxwell says “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”

This is quite challenging, because, according to neuroscientists about 99% of the average of 35000 decisions we make every day, are happening at the subconscious level. We are not even aware of them. As such our thinking is fraught with cognitive biases, flaws and misconceptions. Sometimes we think that we are making good decisions but actually we are not.

These paragraphs introduce you to a course on Critical and Creative Thinking we are offering for free, a course that will allow you to understand how your brain works and activate the tremendous hidden power that lurks within it.

This course we will walk you through what, the Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences, Daniel Kahneman calls the Fast and Slow Thinking. You will be able master these two processes and use them to own your decisions, design your future and shape your destiny..

In addition to that, you will practice a whole set of creative thinking tools and techniques such as: Synectics, SCAMPER and Six Hats Thinking.

Critical and Creative Thinking, as crucial as it is to your success, is just a skill and you can learn if you decide to….and where are help you do it. So, register now and start the process.

Book reference: J. Y. F. Lau. An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Creativity: Think More, Think Better



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