Excellentia Associate

If you stepped into the coaching world and made a good Step but feel like you haven’t reached your fullest Potential… If you’re looking for a simple Guide and a better way to keep you on Track and ultimately Multiply your results… If you feel like you need Help to develop your mindset, step forward and take your coaching career to the Next Level…

We hear you! We present to you the Excellentia Associate Membership.

Become an Associate!

Take action and become an Excellentia Associate.

This well-researched, action-oriented package will help you strategically build meaningful connections with customers and prospects, successfully create or communicate your brand and move forward into the right direction.

Membership Requirements

  • Producing 1 video monthly
  • Writing 1 blog monthly 
  • Delivering 1 free webinar monthly 
  • Delivering 2 group coaching sessions

Benefits of Associate Membership

Once you’re an associate, we will provide you with the following  

  • Attending all coaching sessions 
  • Having your profile published on our website 
  • Having all your content published in all our members’ platforms 
  • Having access to the coaches-only forum 
  • Having your content edited by our team of experts 
  • Using all Excellentia materials 
  • Share 20% profit selling Excellentia and/or services
  • Getting technical support in the website and social media management 
  • Optional: Website and Social Media Creation $145 (one time Fee)
  • Having your content boosted on social media for greater results 

So Join Us now to optimize your Productivity, strategize your Business Growth, achieve your powerful vision for Fulfillment and success and even uplevel your Teamwork and Leadership skills. 

Become an Associate!

Take action and become an Excellentia Associate.