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This video introduces you to a course on Leadership we are offering for free, a course that will allow you to step out of your comfort zone, shed the shackles of fear and start building the charismatic personality you’ve always dreamed of.

The course starts by identifying and eliminating many limiting beliefs and common misconceptions around leadership, such as that is inherited or due to some status or vocational favors…None of that, leadership is an ongoing process, a journey you initiate yourself no matter where you are now by walking through, what Stephen Covey calls: the private and then public victory.

It all starts from within; you cannot lead others if you are not that inspiring successful adventurer, risk-taker and high-achiever that people would like to model. You cannot lead others if you are not leading yourself. If you’re not….

This course will help you do it by showing you what to change exactly in your mind system to conquer yourself and reap the outer rewards in terms of growth, development and influence.

Reference book: John Gardner. On Leadership



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It lasts 3 weeks with 5 hours of online learning (1 to 2 hours per week)

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