Become a Coachpreneur

Become a Successful Coach

Did you know that 81% of coaches fail within the three first years?

You invested your Time And Money to become a coach but still struggling to erect your coaching business, find clients generate a steady income? You are not any exception…

Why 81% of Coaches struggle to grow their business?

Lack of Entrepreneurial skills

  • Effective strategy
  • Business Plan

  • USP

  • Clients Avatar

  • Branding

  • Funnels
  • Leads

  • Conversion

  • Implementing the strategy

Alone it may be complicated for you to get through all of that….

With our Coahpreneur program, it is possible

Why our Coachpreneur Program?
What makes it unique?


It digs deeper into the specificities of each business to help create an incomparable and unique value-added solving clients’ real problems and generating steady incomes.

A strategic approach

It is composed of ten interconnected and easy to follow steps that are strategically chosen to get you the results you aspire at the end of the program.


It provides you with a whole set of simple but not simplistic tools & techniques to use and apply directly to your specific needs.


You can do it at your own pace depending on your availability by purchasing the Do It Yourself (DIY) package which also provides you with the fillable templates you need. You can just download the material follow the tutorials and if need be reach out to the technical support to tweak additional things.


An expert will walk you through the whole journey, if you purchase the full package version of it, and will work hand in hand with you until you establish your project and get it to start generating income.


The price is extremely competitive and comes with extra free branding services that usually costs a fortune if bought apart like full brand creation, website creation, social media management, data analysis, and video editing.

Coachpreneur Packages

Coach Starter Pack
$̶9̶9̶5 to $497.5
Brand Voice (name, slogan, elevator pitch)
Logo and Visual Identity creation
Website creation
Video Editing (1)
Social Media Starter Pack
$̶1497 to $748.5
Access to the Coaches Platform
Branding Readiness Assessment Tool ©
10 Course Videos
50+ Fillable Templates
3 Support sessions
Brand Voice (name, slogan, elevator pitch)
Logo and Visual Identity creation
Video Editing (1)
Social Media Starter Pack
$̶2200 to $1100
Access to the Coaches Platform
10 LIVE interactive sessions:
Branding Readiness Assessment Tool ©
50+ Fillable Templates
5+ support sessions
Brand creation:
Brand Voice & Strategy
Logo and Visual Identity creation
Website creation
Video Editing
Social Media Starter Pack
3 months social media setup & management


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