Mission & Vision

Excellentia International Institute is a creative, powerful and unique idea of philanthropic “Knowledge Angels”. We have come together to combine our expertise as academics, practitioners, consultants, trainers and coaches reaching out to those in need of developing their human potential, but either can’t afford the costly consulting, training programs and coaching services currently available or haven’t found what fits their needs yet.

Our Mission

To help you or your organization thrive, blossom and reach the highest levels of success and happiness.

Our Vision

To offer the best Consulting, Coaching and Training services,

To host life-changing workshops, seminars and conferences,

To organize revitalizing retreats.


What makes us unique?

Experienced and qualified Coaches and Trainers

Our consultant, coaches and trainers are accredited. They crystallize several high-profile qualities: knowledge, experience and especially the determination to serve their clients the best way. Therefore, quality is guaranteed.

A holistic approach

We will walk you through the entire process, to help design a program that is catered for your satisfaction and needs. First, we offer an assessment process by having you take one of the assessment tools we recommend. Immediately you will gain more awareness about your strengths and weaknesses. Then, we have you work with our team to set your goals and define the best way to achieve them. We utilize, in addition, our training programs to help you acquire necessary skills and move faster toward success.

Free and Premium Services

Some of our services are free of charge.

It is flexible

You can choose the package that best fit your needs. You can choose which consultant, trainer or coach to work with.

It is multilingual

Our services are available in the following languages:
– English,
– Arabic,
– French,
– German,
– Spanish,
– Russian,
– and other languages.