The Law of Authority

One of the most useful Behavioral Laws you need to know and apply in your business is the Law of Authority

It goes like this “The message is as much trustful as the messenger is”. We get the same message from two people, we trust one but not the other, why is that? It is simply because we trust him.

Trust and credibility could be won through time and work-intensive things like your past performance, reputation, job, and social status and as well as, and here is the thing, though trivial like your clothes and trappings

This was highlighted by many scientific studies

In an experiment mentioned by behavioral psychologist Robert Cialdini, researchers found that drivers were less likely to honk their horns on the cars before them if the red light turns green when these cars are somehow expensive and fancy.

Surprisingly 50% of these drivers even waited calmly without any reaction for a certain while until the one before them decided to drive on.

Isn’t that amazing?

That explains why businesses endeavor to get testimonials, certifications, positive reviews from the professionals, and win some quality prizes too, because they know that will establish them as an authority and impact significantly their reputation and sales.

Publilius Syrus says “A Good Reputation is More Valuable than Money”

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