The Law of Similarity

The Law of Similarity

One of most useful Behavioral Laws you need to know and apply in your business is the Law of Similarity.

The Law of Similarity goes like this:

“People tend to like those who are similar to them, with whom they have common interests, thoughts, communicational style, gesture or even are dressing like them”.

This law was highlighted by many experimental studies.

In an experiment mentioned by behavioral psychologist Robert Cialdini, students were approached by a stranger and asked for a dime to make a phone call. Results showed that the compliance rate was significantly higher when this “Stranger” is dressed the same way students were. The same results were found, in another study, when people were asked to sign an anti-war petition. They agreed easier on that when approached by similar people. That explains why Coca Cola, for example, is changing its commercials from one country to another to be part of their culture and win in similarity as well as likeability.

Smart Salesmen are using this law also before pitching their products. When entering the client’s office, they just look around to try to find something there like a frame, family picture, or a trophy they can relate to and say “Yeah, I am also a fan of this and that”. By doing this they win the client’s heart and, consequently, the deal.

Try this yourself and see how it works for you – and don’t forget, “like attracts like”!

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